Instagram in
6 (easy!) steps

1. Go to

2. Where it says “Don’t have an account?,” click “Sign up.”

3. It will ask for your full name. This name will appear publicly.
You don’t have to use your real name—you can call yourself anything.

4. It will ask for a username. This will also appear publicly and can also be anything, including the name you gave above—unless someone else is already using it. If the name isn’t available, a red X will appear after you move on to the password box. If the name is available, a check mark will appear after you move on to the password box.

5. In the password box, enter a password and click “Sign up.”

6. In the Instagram search box, search for thekeepthings. If you’re on a computer, once you have @thekeepthings open, you can click on a picture, then use the small within the picture frame to click through and read the story. If you’re on a phone or tablet, you tap a picture, then swipe the picture to the left and keep swiping left to read the story. On computers and mobile devices, you can also comment on the stories.

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