Photo, John Carter

Photo Guidelines

1. Choose your location. You can shoot either OUTDOORS in shade or on an overcast day, or INDOORS with good natural light COMING FROM THE SIDE.

2. Set up your backdrop. Please use TWO METAL BAKING SHEETS—one standing up and the other lying in front of it and butting up against it, so they meet like a wall meets the floor. The old-school shiny silver kind (not no-stick) look best, even if they’re scratched and stained, but almost any baking sheets will do. For large objects, you might need more than two sheets. If the sheets have RIMS, turn them upside down so the rims aren’t visible. The best way to see what will work is to look at the photos on Instagram.

3. Arrange your object. Place it back near where the baking sheets meet. If you shoot from different angles, be sure to include one where the object is centered and shot straight on.

4. Choose your phone/camera setting. Please shoot in SQUARE MODE and make sure the shot includes plenty of baking sheet on all sides of the object.

5. No zoom or flash, please.

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